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CHILD HELP INTERNATIONAL is an international Christian organization that is associated with the Restoration Movement. Our purpose is to evangelize the underprivileged children through evangelism outreach projects and educational opportunities. We evangelize by taking work groups to a specific location where we put on a VBS, do some street evangelism, offer a day program, and teach basic personal hygiene among many other things. Along with the hygiene classes, we provide the children with the necessary items for good hygiene. Currently we run an outreach location in Baja California, Mexico and are investigating other possible locations in the U.S. Medical and psychiatric services and consultation services for staff of Christian children's homes are also provided under our the auspices of Child Mental Health and Training Services, a division of CHI.


The simplest and best way that anyone can help Child Help International is through his or her prayers. Pray for the child evangelism to be highly effective and for the CHI leadership to have insight and wisdom. ANOTHER way you can help CHI is by helping us meet the needs of the children we work with. The children in the areas we reach out to live in poverty and have more than spiritual needs, they also have many physical needs that must be met for their well being.

Items that you can help us provide to the children are:
- Children's Clothing
- Toothbrushes
- Toothpaste
- Soap
- Shampoo
- Children's Vitamins

If you can possibly help us provide for these needs that would be greatly appreciated.

Please send any donations to:

Child Help International
509 River Valley
Nampa, ID 83687

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