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Dulce Caminar (Sweet Walk)

735 Cypress Avenue, • Shafter, CA 93263 • United States • (661)746-5267 (ask for Cain)/see/charmin/CM05265

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We want to give thanks, first of all to God,who has brought us through tials and tribulations. I want to give thanks to the Lord and to the band's guitarist for letting me play in this band. I know that with all the praying and fasting our Lord Jesus will get us where we want to go. I give thanks to God because I am playing in a Christian band full of prayer warriors, and that I am not playing in a band out in the world. If you want us to play at your church please contact Cain Maldonado at (661)746-5267 or Gene "The Mean Machiene" Ozuna at (661)792-3406. You can set any date you want and we will try to be there. I want to give thanks to Eddie, Leo, Gene, Hector, Johnny, Carlos, and Cain for taking their time on Tuesdays and Thursdays for coming out to Leo's house to practice. Thank you guys! Well I also want to thank the Lord for coming into my heart and cleansing every sin out of there.

I want to give thanks to all the Pastors, ministers, congregations of all the Christian churches for coming into this web site. I hope that if you ever listen to our muisc, our music will bring joy and bring God's salvation to your life. I hope that you like our music. I want to give thanks to Pastors Ezekiel Pulido from La Rosa De Saron in Shafter, California; Roberto Guzman from Hope and Restauration in Wasco, California; and to Pastor Ross from Westside Family Fellowship in Wasco, California; for lending the band these men to go otu and play these Sundays we have been playing and for those Sundays we will be playing in the future. I once again thank God for this band he has let me play in and I thank everyone that has visited this web site, Thank You!!!!

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