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Sam Saltar Ministries

1345 Black Oak Dr., • Centerville, OH 45459 • United States • 937-436-6044/see/charmin/CM05135

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Powerful Testimony of God's grace to change lives

Sam and Ronni are a team whom God has used for over 25 years to spread the good news by the unique blending of music and testimony. This one-hour presentation is a one of a kind service of how God made Jew and Gentile one in Christ. Sam, a former Roman Catholic, was called out of the world of show business to God's business after performing with such entertainers as Tony Bennett, Lucille Ball, Johnny Mathis, Frankie Avalon, Liberace, Milton Berle, Judy Garland, Edie Gorme, Sammy Davis, Jr., and is a relic from the big band era. Ronni, a completed Jewess, will share her Jewish upbringing and thrill the hearts of your people as she tells her dramatic story of how she found Jesus as her Messiah.

The Focus of This Ministry

Sam and Ronni bring revival to the church, win souls for Jesus and challenge Christians to become bold in their witness for Christ. This testimony will encourage those who are suffering, challenge those whose marriages are in trouble and offer hope to those who need to continue living a victorious Christian life. You won't be disappointed in having this effective couple minister in your church. God has used this program to meet needs in congregations throughout Australia, England, Wales, Mexico, Canada and most of the United States. Open dates still available. Sample audio tape available upon request.

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