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Sweet Spirit Assemblies Inc.

285 North Dale, • ST. PAUL, MN 55104 • United States • 651-225-7602/see/charmin/CM05124

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International Head Office Sweet Spirit Assemblies Inc. 285 N. Dale Ave. St. Paul MN. 55104 651-225-7602 Our Leader is none other than Bishop Dr. D.L. Kemp our Presidium is as follows. Presidium Presiding Bishop Hon. Rt. Rev Dr. D.L. Kemp (St. Paul MN.) 1st Asst. Presiding Bishop Hon Rt. Rev. Fitzgerald Fraizer (Little Rock) Arkansas 2nd Presiding Bishop Hon. Rt. Rev. Michael Flournoy (Elizibeth New Jersey) National BD. Administration Bishop Dr. C. Phillip Johnson (Washington D.C.) Treasurer Bishop Donald Addison (Minneapolis Minnesota) National Registar Dean of EducationBishop Charlie Robinson..Minneapolis Minnesota Minister of Music.Dr. Floyd Beck..Hollywood Florida Supervisor of Women Prelates and jurisdictions The Dioceses Minnesota Bishop Donald Addison Montana Bishop H.J. McClendon New York/Vermont Bishop Ricco Diamond New Jersey Bishop Michael Flournoy Washington D.C Bishop C. Phillip Johnson Florida Dr. Floyd Beck Arkansas Bishop Fitzgerald Fraizer Hawaii Dr. Sadrian Cheer India Bishop Vincent Togo West Africa Bishop Daniel U. Roberts Nigeria Bishop Dr. Joe Rankin

About us

Mission of Sweet Spirit Assemblies Inc. The mission of this Organization is to break down the denominational barriers that keep our churches and people segregated. Sunday is the most segregated day of the week and the Sweet Spirit Assemblies Inc. is here to change that. Vision of The Sweet Spirit Assemblies Inc. The vision of this Ministry is to bring Denominations together in perfect harmony. Why do we have Bishops and General bd.'s We have Bishops, General Boards, Supt, and And Prelates for one reason, and that is because every Ministry needs Organization and that is why we have Bishop's Ect. Will we have Holy Convocations? Yes this Ministry will have Holy Convocations. Why so that all of our Churches and Pastors/ Prelates can come together and fellowship with one another. We will have Holy Convocation once a year in June of every year. The Presiding Bishop of Every State will be asked to send a delegation even if they are not able to attend. The Sweet Spirit Assemblies was founded by the Archbishop D.L. Kemp of Minnesota, and is rapidly growing. If you would like to be apart of this Ministry, write us or call. Sweet Spirit Assemblies Int'l 698 W. Central Ave. St. Paul MN.55104 651-225-7602 Ext #2

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