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Fish Hook Ministries

postfach 2933, • Friedrichshafen, Baden-Wuttemberg D-88023 • Germany • 011497541950960/see/charmin/CM05088

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We are a Christian ministry founded in Colorado in 1998. Sence then God has let our ministry grow from 4 young men (known by the fish hooks that they put on hats, ties, jackets, ect.) to members in 7 different nations. We believe in a realtional ministry. The fish hooks sparked the question, "Why do you have a fish hook on your hat?" This lead the way for an amazing chance to share the Gospel and love of Jesus Christ to not only our friends and class mates, but to compleate strangers as well. It was by sharing the gospel in this way, that God has and does use us. We Believe and follow Jesus' plan for us laid out for us in the great commission in Matthew chapter 28.


We share the gospel through realitional ministry. We believe that in a world fallen to sin, the best proof of Christs Love and mercy for others, can be us. We do this by getting to know people, starting small and trusting in Christ to open the door's and lead the way. Why do we have such a desire to share the Gospel with others? After all "how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard?"(Rom 10v14). If and when people ask us about the hooks or the Information we have we try to set up a time to NOT "slam them with the Gospel". Rather, to see where they are at and what they believe and trust in the Lord to guide us the rest of the way. What do we do? We do what Christ calls us to do in his Great commission, "Go and make diciples of all nations".

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