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On Eagles Wings

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Living a life in God Allows us to be Free

On Eagles' Wings

To be free as a bird and fly up high,
To chase the morning rain away,
Reaching up to towards the sky,
Unfolded arms at bay.

Across the shadow of the lake,
Beyond, I dream afar,
With wings of freedom,
Silence through space they soar.

Stretched out in hope of flight.

 15 September 1997  Paul Mitchell

God Heals Broken Spirits

Healing Broken Wings  

Once upon a life time, 
I stretched my wings full span,
Soaring high above the clouds,
Over the mountains across the land.

Once upon a life time,
My wings were bound,
Caught in torture,
I fell to the ground.

Once upon a life time,
I remembered a Friend,
The blood was racing,
For my wings to be free again.

Once upon a life time,
Flying on eagle's wings,
Together with Majesty and Beauty,
The Spirit would sing. 

Once upon a life time,
Directions were lost,
Freedom of flight hindered,
At a dreadful cost.  

Once upon a life time,
Majesty gave me Life.
Giving it all,
With the greatest of sacrifice.

Once upon a life time,
Beauty remembered me,
Healing my broken wings,
On a place called Calvary.

 22 Oct 99  Paul Mitchell  

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