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United Christian Youth ministries 162, • Gin Gin, Qld 4671 • Australia • 07 41 573354/see/charmin/CM04781

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Do U.C.Y I'm different? ask me!

UCY is a God given ministry, in a small insignificant town * The type God loves using * called Gin Gin, located in Queensland Australia.
It is a non denominational youth ministry organization. We are a servant to all churches in our district. We are currently involved in the Highschool every Thursday plus we have two safe houses * one for the girls and one for the boys *.We have vision of bringing christian bands and speakers into the highschool,supporting a fulltime chaplin and sending a bus load of youth to concerts in the capital city of Queensland, Brisbane. We also want to expand the safe houses ministry and have the youth involved in ministries such as

  • visiting hospitals
  • dance
  • drama
  • music
  • camps
  • cell groups.

We have adopted the slogan Do U.C.Y I'm different? ask me!*which we also believe is God given* as we have a banner which is Christ and we show that through our lives as well as teaching the youth how to let the banner fly in their lives. We accept all but we do not accept all behaviour especially those who have made a commitment to God.
God is wanting to move through the youth in a big way and it is our job to see them mature in christ and allow the Holy Spirit to guide them through us.The team consists of :
Adrian Sinclair, Paul Crebbs, Jenny Rezmann, Diane Williams, Liz Eardly, Robert Gill.

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