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Pastor Sal D'Annunzio

3 Derria street Canley heights, • Sydney, New South Wales 2166 • Australia • (02) 97555614/see/charmin/CM04726

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Greetings in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ,my name is brother Sal D'Annunzio .I visited the Philippines 6 times. Each time we had an outreach try to estabilish a Christian community amongst the poor of Lucena City.The Holy Spirit was with us and a little community was formed with the Bajaos people,predominally muslims. We also manage to create another christian community in Curva ,where 95% of the population are squatters and live in very poor conditions with no water and no basic igienic facilities. We have now there ,by the grace of God a church called "House of Prayer". We help this native church supporting phinancially the Pastor ans also materially sending used clothes and food for the children. Our finance are very limited ,we are only a group of individuals who believe God is a great provider,but we also humbly relize that God can use our brother and sister wordwide to provvide.


our first need is your prayers ,more precious than Gold priorities in prayers: 1) Health for Pastr Charlie and family in the Philippines 2) God provitions to built up a church buildind (very urgent . Can you help in anyway ,no matter how small ,it is appreciated) 3) Pray for next outreach we will have in February 2001. Please do not esitate to contact me if you like more information. I am available for ministry and to show with slides and video our work there. If you like to receive a video please write to:Pastor Sal D'Annunzio P.O. Box 237 Bonnyrigg 2177 Sydney Australia. God bless you

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