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Bridging The Gap Ministries

PO Box 131747, • Tyler, TX 75713-1747 • United States • 903-877-3665/see/charmin/CM04720

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Our Mission

BRIDGING THE GAP MINISTRIES is committed to building bridges between
faith in God and the emotional wounds and pain of abused women.
Our mission is to:
(1) provide a safe and supportive environment wherein abused or
battered women can begin the process of healing and recovery;
(2) equip them with the tools necessary to cope and to move
through and beyond the pain;
(3) foster healthy relationships with others and a more meaningful,
healthy relationship with God.

Our Programs and Services

Our Primary Focus is outreach services to women who have been abused,
whether physically, emotionally, sexually, or spiritually.
All of our services are non-fee based.
These services include: Christ-centered Support Groups; Bible Study
Groups; Workshops; Resource Information and Referral Services;
Crisis Intervention & Domestic Violence Assistance.

For more information contact:
Deb Chachere (Director)
phone: (903)877-3665

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