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Ministry Of Intercession

P.O.Box 589,Yaba, 17,Shodipe Close,Surulere • Lagos, Lagos 234 • Nigeria • nil/see/charmin/CM04464

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The Ministry of Intercession is a fellowship of Christians from different denominations who supplement their regular prayers with intercession for suffering masses and World leaders. It is a non-profit organisation. Our primary aims and objectives, amongst others, are:- 1. To pray for missionaries/missions, Church/National leaders, evangelists, unreached people groups, and those engaged in the work of our Lord. 2. To mobilise others to pray, prepare and GO to spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to all corners of the World. 3. To share the burdens of all Christians and non-Christians together and encourage one another to express the miracle power of our Lord Jesus Christ. We believe, amongst others, that:- 1. Intercession is Jesus chosen ministry in heaven which must be continued here on earth. Romans 8:34 2. The work of intercession is Christ's great work on earth entrusted to Him because He gave Himself a sacrifice to God for others. Isaiah 53:12 3. Jesus Is the intercessor, Who stands in the gap, but He does it through the hands of His servants-that is, every born-again Christians. Hebrews 7:25 Our motto, `pray without ceasing', (1Thessalonians 5:17), signifies that, in the experience of our union with Christ, `praying without ceasing' should become a possibility , a reality, the holiest and most blessed part of our fellowship with God. For more details, please, write: MINISTRY OF INTERCESSION, P.O. Box 589, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria. Or send an OR


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