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Shalom Outreach Ministries - Uganda

P.O.Box 1306, • Jinja, Jinja 256 • Uganda • 256-77-448596/see/charmin/CM04392

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Shalom Outreach Ministries-Uganda, (SHOMU) is a profile Ministry whose mission is to uphold the sanctity of human life by meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the Children, Women, Men and generally families facing welfare problems. SHOM - UG, was started in 1998 with a vision to reach out to the neediest of the needy. It is a registered Christian Non Governmental Organization with the Government of Uganda.


1. To reach out and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in Schools, Communities, Hospitals, Prisons, Barracks, and Institutions handling learners with special needs. 2. To sensitize and educate Parents and the general public about the rights of Children and why Child abuse should be condemned. 3. To identify and educate families about development activities that can act as income generating activities. 4. To offer emotional, spiritual, moral, and material support to the vulnerable groups. 5. To educate communities on issues pertaining to health in the basic essential areas of life. 6. To support the rural poorly infrastructured schools so as to met the expected educational achievements by the learners. 7. To provide psycho-social support to Children orphaned and or disadvantaged by geographical or social calamities beyond their control.

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