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The Anglican Independent Communion

General's Highway and Crownsville Rd., PO Box 380 • Annapolis, MD 21032 • United States • 410 923 0293/see/charmin/CM04331

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+ The ANGLICAN INDEPENDENT COMMUNION is an independent Anglican Communion of six churches and seven missions. Our liturgy is the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, our theology is defined by the 39 Articles of the Protestant Episcopal Church, we accept the Holy Bible as the inspired word of God and that it containeth all things necessary for Salvation. We ordain men to Holy Orders and set aside women as deaconess. Our Orders are in valid Apostolic Succession with ECUSA, Old Catholic, PICC, OCR, AEC and Orthodox and Eastern Lines. The official AIC web page is located at The Bishop Ordinary is The Rt. Rev'd Peter A. Compton Caputo The Suffragan is the Rt. Rev'd Robert Samuel Loiselle "...CLEASE THE THOUGHTS OF OUR HEARTS BY THE INSPIRATION OF THY HOLY SPIRIT, THAT WE MAY PERFEWCTLY LOVE THEE: AND WORTHILY MAGNIFY THY HOLY NAME: THROUGH CHRIST OUR LORD." R.H.T.+

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