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Feed and clothe the hungry

It is a sad thing to look into the eyes of a child who cannot eat at the feeding stations because he has passed six years old. The nationals feel that a child's brain is mostly developed by six, and if he does not get the proper nutrition before that he cannot develop normally. Because there is not enough food for all a selection process is used to give food to the younger children who still have a chance of developing normally. It is really heart breaking to witness this and to see the anguish on the faces of the parents. We as a rich church in The United States need to help! Each station holds a Bible study for the families of the children being fed, and for anyone else who wants to attend.

Extending the hands in giving

There are so many of our brothers and sisters in these countries who are doing so much with so little. They have great needs and there is no way for them to meet these needs. Unless, God meets these needs through His Saints who have more resources. Young people need help in going to Bible school; seminars need to be held to help mature those called into ministry; buildings need to be built/expanded; music and sound equipment are needed. Thimothy the Evangelist, in a small village in South India needs a bicycle, a lantern and an amplifier to do his Gospel work. Without a bycycle, he walks up to 20 miles to hold a meeting or Bible study. There are literally hundreds of men and women in these countries doing the work of the Lord with little or nothing to do the work with. We can help!

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