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DoorMat Ministries

PO Box 15755, • Augusta, GA 30919-1755 • United States • 803-210-0222/see/charmin/CM03611

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Welcome to DoorMat

DoorMat Ministries began in the heart of God at the beginning of time. Then in 1998, God brought Daniel Sansot and Jake Griffis together at Carolina Christian College to form DoorMat Ministries. Ever since then DoorMat has been doing any type of ministry God so calls them to from substitute preaching, revivals, youth events, speakers, chapels, Bible studies, etc. DoorMat is being used in so many ways by God Almighty and we can not wait to be used where you are!! A DoorMat is something thats welcomes you to a certain structure, it cleans the feet of those who enter that structure, and it points out where the entrance to the structure is. We, as called by God, welcome all to the Crucifixion,Resurrection, and Pentecost; we share the word of God to bring repentance to the heart so we may become blameless; and then we point the way to eternal life, salvation. A doormat is what we are all called to be and DoorMat Ministries is waiting to be that in your town!!


Please pray for the obedience of DoorMat to be in God's will and to deliver the word of God with the Holy Spirit's leading. Also pray for the lives that God touches through DoorMat, so that they might have a more intimate,personal reltionship with our Father. DoorMat Ministries PO BOX 15755 Augusta, GA 30919-1755

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