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Anchored Victoriously In Christ, Inc.

3576 Brinkmore Road, • Cleveland Heights, OH 44121 • United States • (216) 297-9107/see/charmin/CM03189

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Anchored Victoriously In Christ Ministries

We provide food, clothing and shelter for people in need. We are home based in Cleveland, Ohio. We want our Ministry to be globel. We raise money by selling Jesus pins, Scarves, etc. around the world. We are always looking for products to sell to raise money for ministries. We encourage companies to help us in our search for products to sell. Our Lord says that he will bless those that bless his people. Please contact us via our e-mail address, Iyeashaf@aolcom. May our Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless you. Minister Iyeasha Feaster.

AVI Medical Staffing, Inc.

We are a temporary nursing agency that provides nurses for different facilities, (Nursing homes and Hospitals). Nurses who do not want to work full-time, who want to be flexible in their career and still have time for their families. We desire our nurses to be prepared to minister to their patients at patients request. We also provide a monthly Newsletter to all that are interested about nursing as a ministry as God intended it to be.

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