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Pastor Home

214 Ratchadaphisek 66 Bangkok 10800 Tha, • Bangsu, Bangkok 10800 • Thailand • 662-5868106/see/charmin/CM02612

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Pastor Home

Support Thai Pastors Bring Christ to The Nation and Bring the Nation to The Church!
Pastor Home established in 1994. Because of the pastors in Asian income is under the poverty. Especially the country cause by economic crisis. All of 83 the pastor children among inter-denomination which PASTOR HOME support, now have no food for launch at school and some of them have to walk from home to school on along way 3-4 miles to try to save a little money. If you concern for them kinddly donate to A/C#095-2-17072 Siam CommercailBank-Bangklo brance in the name of "PASTOR HOME" "Help! Releast the Thai Pastor Temptation to allow them to focus on Bring Crist to The Nation and Bring The Nation to the Church in The very Strongest Buddhist Country,Thailand, a land of Buddhistsm, Animistsm and Secularistsm". In every thing I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak,..." Acts 20:35

The letter from Thai Pastor

Dear Pastor taveesak, Praise the Lord because of...:Our family praise the Lord that the Pastor Home is understanding the difficulties of the personel and family life of pastors, especailly the educational fund for pastor's children. We have 2 children. The eldest, a girl, 4 years old, study in preschool. The young one is 8 months old baby boy. Low income: We recieve salary 4,650.-Bath (113.40-$US). It truly low income but we thanks God because the word of our Lord said in 2 Cor.4:8 that "So we fix our eye not on what is seen, but on what unseen..." This word always remind us in our family. Economic Crisis: The present economic conlape directly effect my family budget a lot. The donation from the congreation have slow down. The salary the church give is on delay and the cost of living continue to rise. Hurt My Feeling: Once early in the morning> I work up early sat in the dark and look at my children and my wife. My tear come down while I prayed about the fact that 2 days since my daughter ate rice with the fish sauce. There is only cold water in the refrigerator. furthmore, my daughter has go to school hungry. When she sees her friend, she cannot eat because we don't have the money. Once while I accompanied her to school, she said, "Dady if we have money again, I will never buy desert in my school again. I will buy some eggs and fly it to eat the yoke with rice. then I won't have to eat rice with fish suace and water as a big meal." It really, deeply hurt my feeling. Every night my daughter prays for a student uniform. I myself want to buy for her, but have no miney, I just quietly tell her to keep patient and wait for the Lord to give it to her. She always asks, "How Long Papa?" I always tell her"Not to Long dauhter" The Lord's Answer Through Pastor Home: In the same day after i came back, I want to my office and prayed about my friend was comming to stay with us for a few days. I did not have any food. While I was praying, a vioce spoke to me "Pastor...goes to the Post Office!" I ignored and continued to pray. But I heard again. I decided to obey. I went to the Post Office and opened my mail box. I was very happy when I saw the money order from the Pastor Home amount 1,100 Bath(26.82$US). Now i have food not only for my family, but also for my friend too. Now I have enough money to buy the school uniform for my daughter, including her poket money (5 Bath or 12 cent) for launch at school. Our family always and continuely to thank for pastor Home. In His name, Pastor... Note: Pastor Home can not be made the pastor's name to be public. We do wellcome you to contact us personally if you want more detail.

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