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Creative Arts Ministries

PO BOX 105342, • Jefferson City, MO 65110 • United States • (573)634-7174/see/charmin/CM02563

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Creative Arts Ministries Productions

Creative Arts Ministries(CAM) is committed to using the creative arts to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Founded by Pastors Philip and Jerii Rodman, CAM utilizes creative arts by developing films, skits, plays,
screenplays, radio and television programs, teaching syllabus, books, and other mediums to evangelize and
share the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Through CAM, the Rodmans are committed to exposing the works of darkness and the kingdom of satan.

The Rodmans understand that many people are blinded by sin and will not come to a local church. Therefore, to be a prt of the end-time harvesting of souls, CAM touches many lives in jails, prisons, nursing homes youth organizations, schools and universities and local churches.

CAM is determined to take what the devil has perverted, such as films, books, live theater, and television, and use these vehicles for the glory of God. Also, CAM is committed to unifying the body of Christ by ministering through the creative arts, helping other ministries and groups organize creative ministries, inviting other creative ministries of different nationalities and backgrounds to participate, and supporting other creative ministries with the same vision and goal as CAM. CAM seeks to work with pastors to help fulfill the vision God has given them in this vital area; to teach God's Word through creative arts, and thereby catch lost souls who are not connected to a local church; to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ both at home and in foreign lands using creative arts; and to teach the pinciples of marriage enrichment by restoring families to wholeness in the name of Jesus Christ.

CAM Produces First Movie entitled

Creative Arts Ministries (CAM) of Jefferson City, Missouri has produced its first full-length
motion picture entitled "BORN TO PREACH." Written and directed by Jerii Rodman, co-founder of
Creative Arts Ministries Productions, "BORN TO PREACH" is the story of Jerry Brown, a young woman who was born to preach the Gospel, despite the obstacles she receives from her father, the Rev. Joseph Brown, a traditional pastor. According to Rev. Brown's traditions, Jerry could not possibly preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ because she is a girl. But God had another plan. Jerry was born to preach the Gospel and the tensions that escalate from her calling and her father's traditions are the focal point of the movie.

Recently selected at the Santa Clarita (California) International Film Festival, "BORN TO PREACH" is a 104 minute movie filled with drama and suspense as well as original music written by Jerii Rodman and Rev. Roland Pollard. The Rodmans expect to enter the film in other festivals in the hope of getting a distributor who will assist them in getting "BORN TO PREACH" before a national audience. Says Jerii Rodman, "BORN TO PREACH is the first of many films that are on the drawing board of Creative Arts Ministries. Our next project is entitled "OUR FREEDOM WAS WORTH THE FIGHT: THE DRED SCOTT DECISION. We belive God has given us the go-ahead to produce films with the fimily in view and we are excited about it." Anyone interested in helping CAM on these project can contact them at (573) 634-7174 or God bless you.

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