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CGM is an organization with People Skills and Spiritual Gifts to help your church evaluate where you are and lead you to be a vital force in your community. We provide the following services: 1. Evaluate your church so you can prepare to grow. 2. Lead you in choosing the best ways to reach the people you want to reach. 3. Train you in the ways you choose to use.


CONFLICT MANAGEMENT, PRACTICAL EVANGELISM, THE BONDING PROCESS, DISCIPLE MAKING, MAKING DECISIONS AND LIVING WITH THEM, T.V. AND RADIO PRODUCTION, IMAGE MAKING AND MAINTAINING, MOTIVATING PEOPLE TO MINISTRY, GROWING SPIRITUALLY AND NUMERICALLY THROUGH WORSHIP Church Growth Ministries has been helping churches grow since 1987. Dr. Adkins, founder, has been helping churches grow since 1959. We want to help you reach people for Christ and fulfill the Great Commission. Call us or e-mail us today.

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