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Virginia Christian Education Association

P. O. Box 12624, • Roanoke, VA 24027 • United States • 540-342-7511/see/charmin/CM02480

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The Virginia Christian Education Association holds an annual convention each year during the month of April. Over 65 workshops for Sunday School teachers, VBS workers, mid-week volunteers, and others involved in church ministries. There are exhibits with the latest Christian Education resources from numerous publishers and ministries. Contact Director Betty Robertson ( detailed information.


Do your Sunday School teachers need training? Would you like to host the one-day seminar "Help! I Teach Children!"? Outstanding topics such as: "When the Body Moves, the Brain Remembers - Using Creative Dramatics to Teach Biblical Truth"; "How to Plan and Develop Your Lessons to Make a Lasting Difference in the Lives of the Pupils You Teach"; "How to Take The Ho-Hum From Your Biblical Storytelling"; and "Making Bible Memorization Fun". Contact the Virginia Christian Education Association for more information: P. O. Box 12624, Roanoke, VA 24027; 540-342-7511;

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