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Look and Live Evangelistic Ministries

801 Clyde Blvd., • Vidalia, GA 30474 • United States • 912-538-7565/see/charmin/CM02254

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Look and Live Evangelistic Ministries is a ministry dedicated to the preaching of the saving, healing, delivering power of Jesus to a lost and dying world. Dr. Gainer is an ordained Assemblies of God minister and has 26 years of experience in pastoring, evangelizing, and some 10 years of serving on the Executive Board of Directors of the KURE foundation. The KURE foundation is involved in missionary work into the former Soviet Union. It has several orphanages in the Ukraine and has distributed Bibles, as well as taught seminars for many years. Dr. Gainer brings a message of Salvation, of hope, of healing to those who take God at His Word. You may contact "Look and Live" Ministries at: or: Please feel free to send prayer requests to either e-mail address. We believe in the power of prayer and God's willingness to change things. Dr. Gainer

Personal Testimony

Dr. Gainer escaped death from Satan many times over the years and has lived through one war. In 1988 he narrowly escaped death on the operating table due to a surgeon's mistake. In 1995 he was diagnosed as having a crippling disease. In spite fo these attacks he is very much alive and still carrying the gospel. He is married, the father of two daughters, one of whom is now in Bible Collge preparing for the ministry. Please feel free to contact him for meetings, or seminars. Your church will be blessed by this dynamic man of God.

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