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The Adventures of Redeemed Kids

726 Anderson Avenue, • Rockville, MD 20874 • United States • 301-340-9534/see/charmin/CM01841

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Who are we?

The Adventures of Redeemed Kids, or The A.R.K. for short, is the children's ministry of the Rockville Church of God. Our purpose is to tell kids about the Good News of God's love. Children are very special to God! In fact, Jesus told adults that they had to be like children if they wanted to follow Him! That's right! Jesus took time to talk to the children, even when He was very busy healing the sick, and telling the people about God! Jesus still wants the children to follow Him. There is nothing more beautiful than a child who loves God more than anything else in the world! When a child prays, God listens! When a child sings to God, I think the angels sing along!
God has called us to lead children on an adventure! Living for Jesus is the greatest Adventure! That's why we call this the Adventures of Redeemed Kids!

Do you want to do something fun?

We have lots of fun things for you to do! We meet every Sunday morning for Kid's Church at Rockville Church of God, in Rockville, Maryland. We play games, give out prizes, sing songs, meet friends, and have lots of fun every week! We also have lots of other fun things to do every month.
E-mail us! When you do, give us your name and address, and we will send you "The A.R.K. News" for free! "The A.R.K. News" has games and stories, and it tells you what's happening this month! "The A.R.K. News" is only for kids, sorry grown-ups!
Also, if you have any questions about anything, or if you need someone to pray for you, e-mail us! We love e-mail! Our e-mail address is

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