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Burning Bush Ministries

1478 W. Philadelphia Ave, • Boyertown, PA 19512 • United States • 610.369.9542/see/charmin/CM01808

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At The Heart Of The Burning Bush

Encouraging exhuberant, whole-hearted worship of the Lord Jesus Christ.
II Samuel 6:14-15, Psalm 150

Releasing the spirit of prophecy and the prophetic word in order to encourage, exhort and give guidance.
I Corinthians 14:3

Calling forth prophetic gifts and callings
II Timothy 1:6, I Corinthians 14:5

Bringing intercessors into greater effectiveness
Ezekiel 22:30, James 5:16

Carrying and spreading REVIVAL FIRE
Acts 3:19


Dan and Iris Symonds founded Burning Bush Ministries in February of 1998. They had been in pastoral ministry for 10 years when God called Dan to the back side of the desert. This 5 year interlude was a time of purifying and preparing "for such a time as this." While they were prohibited by God from pastoring, they were involved in ministries such as teaching, counseling and leading worship. More importantly, they were being exposed to the renewal movement, and especialy the area of the prophetic.

In the spring of 1997 Dan and Iris received clear direction that God was recommissioning them to shepherd His people once again. This was their Burning Bush. Like Moses, they were tentative about re-entering full time ministry. Also like Moses, they were told that they would perform miracles, signs and wonders which even they would have difficulty believing.They assumed that they would soon be pastoring a Church, but God had other plans.

While enjoying the ministry and relationships in their new home Church, Morning Star Fellowship (, a strong prophetic annointing began to come forth. Many words were given to Dan which provided significant direction to the church. In addition, many prophetically oriented people started to come to them in order to share prophetic insights, receive prayer and counsel and to seek shepherding.

As they ministered to numerous individuals, both in and out of Morning Star, they saw God release people into wonderful freedom from bondages as well as new and increased prophetic gifting. In a meeting near Philadelphia Dan called forth those who desired an increase in prophetic spirit. Practically the entire congregation rushed to the front where ministry continued for over 3 hours. Many personal words came which set people free to pursue all that God had in store for them. Iris began to minister in inner healing with a sweet spirit of grace and love.

They continue to minister at Morning Star, often ministering "unofficially" for several hours past scheduled meetings.They now flow with a number of intercessors and desire to see these too often misunderstood servants of God released into their proper function and place. From those they minister to, a number have commited to joining them as they travel. Until this ministry blossoms fully, Dan oversees the corporate prophetic flow at the Fellowship, which is increasing as God brings in more and more prophetic individuals, and leads a men's accountability group. Together they provide leadership for the prayer ministry team and council for Joy of Zion, a prophetic flag and banner worship team.

It is their desire to pour out of themselves all that God is pouring in. They are earnestly seeking God for the fellowships which He would have them bless. If you believe that God would use them please contact them for more information or to set up meetings.

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