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White Stone Ministries

2512 Bluebird St., • Slidell, LA 70460 • United States • 504-649-6412/see/charmin/CM01793

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White Stone Ministries; Revelation 2.17


A White Stone Signifies - A verdict of not guilty, a binding relationship, a victor, good fortune, prosperity, and favor.To the true Christian, the victor over sin, there is given some pledge of Divine favor which has to him all the effect of assurance, and which others do not perceive or understand. The divine favors shown directly to the soul is evidence of pardoned sin; joy in the Holy Ghost; peace with God; clear views of the Savoir; the possession of a spirit which is properly that of Christ, and which is the gift of God to the soul. The White Stone is given to the Christian who receives it as a pledge of Divine favor. Thus, the Christian bears it about him as he would a precious stone given to him by his Redeemer.

White Stone Ministries are Christian Ministries

designed to assist in the education of the favored status of the Christian who has triumphanted over challenges and refuses the ways of the world.

WHITE STONE GROUP is designed to meet to assist in the spiritual grouth of the favored overcomer. WHITE STONE INTENSIFIED OVERCOMERS PROGRAM is an OUTPATIENT program for the Christian who has slipped into bondage and wants to find how he or she can be delivered and remain in this favored condition. WHITE STONE THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY is an external theological education program offering serveral degreed programs.

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