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This group was founded by two co-workers, Lorna McFadden Williams and Carla Young Nix. They organized after many conversations with other women. The need was obvious. Women wear so many different hats, yet they rarely wear a hat that is designed to meet their own needs. Women are by nature nurturers. We take care of every one else but ourselves. And we do not complain, nor reach out when we need support. Being a Christian doesn't mean that we don't have every day issues to deal with. From the many conversations, we've always walked away with the knowledge that we (Lorna and Carla) were not alone in some of the problems that we too have. Others have experienced them and can often give wonderful advise. And vice versa. Therefore, we meet, informally, on a monthly basis in each other's home. We bring food for a potluck dinner (or lunch), eat our hearts out, cry our eyes out (if necessary), hug each other, share our stories, and most of all, PRAISE THE LORD! With today's technology, we have expanded and moved online for those sisters in cyberspace. If you'd like to be added to the S4J Online Prayer Circle, just drop a line in e-mail. Most of all, we want you to remember that God is always with you. You are NEVER alone!
Sisters4Jesus now has a discussion/mailing list. If you'd like to converse with other Christian sisters, please join our list. To sign up, simply go to this URL:

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As an African American woman, I find that we tend to try to be stronger. Masking our feelings. Doing what we have to do. And we do experience some unique situations that other African American women can understand. We do not have our doors closed though. African American is our culture, but beneath it all, we are all simply women. And in Christ, and through Christ, we are all sisters regardless of cultural diversity. All women are welcome.

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