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Grace Fellowship

Jaipur, • Rajasthan, North India • INDIA • /see/charmin/CM01783

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Reaching South Asia for Jesus!

To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them that are sanctified by faith. --Acts 26:18

The Ministry

Grace Fellowship and its partner ministries reach 32 of most unreached people groups in North India. Grace Fellowship is a non-denomination, church planting, evangelistic ministry aiming at reaching people groups and villages which are still waiting for their first Gospel witness, especially in North India, Nepal and Bhutan. Churches planted are known as Grace Fellowship. Grace Fellowship is providing medical succor and education in various underprivileged remote areas in India and also working among the slums in the cities. Schools are operating, which provide free education to children and families who cannot afford education. We believe strongly that evangelism and social concern are two sides of the same coin and that one cannot do without the other. Jesus went about teaching and preaching, ... healing and doing good. The Gospel is the root, of which evangelism and social activity are the fruits. Grace Fellowship aims at reaching 30,000 villages by 2000 AD. The various other ministries of include Bible school, crusades, publishing and schools for destitute children. WE ARE HIS PEOPLE: Right now, a spiritual confrontation is taking place in the unseen world. In an unprecedented way, God is moving. A whole new door of receptivity is opening as never before. Such desperation and hunger for the living God has never before been seen across the world. God is on the move. We can either hinder Him or we can move with Him. The earthly ambitions, money, fame will all go one day. All would come down to what we have done for the Lord. We must do all we can so that the Gospel may be preached "before the night comes and no man can work." Let us evaluate whatever we do, whatever we seek or aim for against the reality of the millions who will perish forever unless we reach them with the Gospel. For More Information Contact Jacob John, Director, Grace Fellowship, at E-mail address: or

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