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International Messianic Jewish Alliance

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World Wide Fellowship of Messianic Jews

The International Messianic Jewish Alliance (IMJA)is the umbrella organization for individual Jews who believe in Jesus. and it is also the umbrella organization under which most Jewish missions and ministries are affiliated. The purpose of the IMJA, first founded in Great Britain in 1866 under the name "Hebrew Christian Alliance," is to unite all Jewish believers in bonds of witnessing, fellowship, and relief. The IMJA is also the forum where most ministries and missions to the Jews coordinate their efforts in reaching the Jewish people for Jesus, the Messiah of Israel. The IMJA operates from 14 offices located in all five continents and has its headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia, and Jerusalem, Israel. For detailed information visit their Website at

The rebirth of Messianic Judaism

The Lord Jesus, the early apostles, and the church of Jerusalem were all Jewish. Today, Messianic Judaism is a revival of the first century church, where Jews did not have to "become Gentiles" in order to believe in the Jewish Messiah. The great revival taking place among Jewish people world wide is the result of sharing with our Jewish brethren the fact that "it's OK to believe in Jesus and be Jewish". Most Jewish believers in Jesus are now forming their own congregations molded after the early church of Jerusalem. Since the church is made of both Jews and Gentiles, the Messsianic movement rejects the idea that in order to be a true folloer of the Messiah you must adhere to Jewish laws and traditions. Nevertheless, in order to be better witnesses to the Jewish people, Messianic Jews keep biblical traditions that reflect a true Jewish identity.

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