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High Praise, Inc.

2348 Highland View Dr. S.E., • Grand Rapids, MI 49506 • United States • 616-285-9212/see/charmin/CM01640

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Mission Statement

"Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the ministry of music"
Scripture Basis- Mark 16:15,20

Jesus gave the decree to the disciples to, "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation." That meant that the disciples were to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people that the Lord allowed them to meet. Just as He gave the disciples that which is known as the "Great Commission", He has given the same to us. We, the ministry of High Praise, have been called to go into the world and share the gospel of Jesus Christ through song, speech, our actions, and our lifestyles.
Our vision is to use the gifts that God has given us and allow the Holy Spirit to work through us to minister to women regardless of age, ethnic, or religious background. With the direction of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, we desire to meet the spiritual needs of women who are longing for fulfillment in their lives that can only come from Jesus Christ. As disciples of Christ we realize that we will come in contact with all people at various times of ministry. We will not forsake the opportunity to minister to anyone.

Who is High Praise?

FOUNDER- Jesus Christ
Board Members:
Sharon Alexander- Co-founder & President
Chnell Blaylock- Co-founder & Vice-President
Clatey Howard- Chaplan
W. Jean Gray- Business Advisor
Linda Ligon- Developmental Advisor
Jennifer Hanson- Accounting Advisor
Darlene Jernigan, Vera Brown, Christine Moss, Vanessa Allen, Tracy Leek and Rodney Rhodes

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