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Rick Manchester was six months old when he was first diagnosed with Hemophellia. for the most part of his childhood was spent in a wheelchair. Because of the bleeding in the joints of his legs, the possibility of walking was very slim at the time. after numerous operations and many years he was able to walk at the age of seven. even though he was able to walk, the next few years were filled with alot of hospital stays. Rick was diagnosed with HIV at the age of thirteen. Contracting the virus through the clotting factor used to thicken his blood and not bythe wages of sinful behavior was verydifficult to accept. The stress of losing his father at about the same time took it's toll. His faith had fallen and his anger at God grew. after years of running from God he realized that jesus was the only answer. God had a special purpose for him, a call that would require alot of work and patience on Rick's part. God had specifically called him to share the word in song and through his personal testimony of his life. Now at the age of almost 28 God has kept him around to his work despite the fact that Rick developed full blown AIDS four years ago. While the world of today has said that AIDS is the end of the road, there is one who promised it only to be the beginning.

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