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End-Time Harvest Ministries

9 Jay Drive, • Gulfport, MS 39503 • United States • (228) 539-9614/see/charmin/CM01553

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End-Time Harvest Ministries

Welcome to the End-Time Harvest Ministries Web site! We are sure you are going to enjoy what ever information and ministry you recieve from this page. End-Time Harvest Ministries has been called out by God to reap where we have not sown! Our ministry is dedicated to the preaching of the gospel to whomever God will send us to. Presently, our ministry is in the midst of buying air time on radio stations and utilizing the blessing of equal access television air time to preach the gospel to the sin-sick, dying humanity in our area as well as starting an inner citry outreach ministry to minister to the needs of the hurting and destitute in our own area. We believe in reaching one hand into glory and the other into the gutter and pulling the two together for the glory of Jesus Christ! We are committed to raising the standard of holiness and righteous living in our community and abroad, repairing the breach the devil has created between the world and the church through religion and religiosity and taking back the power and glory of the end-time church by restoring the basic tenants of the Christian faith. Evangelist Chris Gergen is a nationally saught after speaker affiliated with the Lester Sumrall Evangelistic Association (LeSEA). If you would like to speak with or schedule Rev. Gergen please fax all requests to (228) 863-7249 or E-mail us at AGUR@DIGISCAPE.COM You may call us at our office 9 AM to 5PM CST Monday through Friday or write to us at: End-Time Harvest Ministries with Chris Gergen 9 Jay Drive Gulfport, Mississippi 39503

Take it Back!!!

The Bible tells us in John 1 that Jesus is the life and the life was (and is) the Light of men. Jesus is the light on the inside of you that allows you shine in the midst of darkness. A passage just below reads the darkness could not comprehend the light. I'm sad to say, the translation, "comprehend" does not correctly express the thought John was writing. The word translated comprehend in the Greek literally means, "not able to stop". John was saying when you loose the light of the revelation of God's goodness, mercy, grace, healing, deliverance, prosperity, and most of all salvation the darkened, evil plans of the devil can not stop it! Nothing can stop the divine revelation of God to a hurting dying world. Its time that we as Christians stand on our feet and proclaim liberty to the captives, healing to the sick deliverance to the bruised, good news to the poor and the favor of the Lord to the doomed and the damned by reaching one hand into the gutter and the other into Glory and pull the two together for the glory of God! I have had the opportunity to pray for many people lately and see God move in ways that He never has before for these people. God has been healing marriages, healing bodies, removing past hurts, returning joy where the devil brought discouragement. We serve such a mighty God!! This is the year of Jubilee and I'm declaing that, "This is my Year for Victory in my Life!" I've taken a stand against the devil and declared, "Enough is Enough! I'm taking back what the devil has stolen!" You need to stand against the armies of the devil by decaling by faith, "I'm going to get my joy back, my faith back, my hope back, my anointing back, my family back, my husband back, my wife back, my kids back, my health back, my house back, my finances back" whatever the devil has stolen go and take it back; Its Your Year For Victory In Your Life!

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