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Aflame of Fire Ministries

, Psalms 29:7-11 • P.O. Box 26083, Arlington, VA 22215 • G. A. Henderson, Overseer • 1-800-805-1416/see/charmin/CM01519

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Aflame of Fire Ministries is comprise of ministries that are committed to supporting the great commissision of Matthew 28:19, 20 and Mark 16:15 through governmental prayer; distribution center to supply to the needy and destitute; resource center in pursuit of God's predetermined purpose for our region and the world, networking God-given relationship with ministry, church and families. By precepts and lifestyle we desire to be a company of people who communicate bible truths concerning apostolic church planting, prophetically insights into the end-time outpouring and unique avenues of evangelical outreaches models of pastoral feedings, care and necessity of teaching within the local church for equipping saints for the effective works of ministry.

Aflame of Fire Ministries (AFM), is a ministry where the Spirit of the Lord has liberty and the power to remove burdens and destroy yokes. AFM was founded in 1990 under the leadership of G.A. Henderson. This ministry is formally known as "Conquerors' for Jesus Ministries", under the direction of the Holy Spirit, Aflame of Fire Ministries were restructed in 1997.

Being a ministry advancing the kingdom of God and exalting Jesus Christ. Preparing believers to serve HIM and to fulfill HIS purpose on earth".

An Innovative Prophetic Ministry Charismatic Moves of the Holy Spirit Inreach/Outreach Ministries A Place Where Dreams & Visions Are Birthed Effective Mentorship Training Empowerment & Equipping Leaders for the End-Time Harvest Ministerial & Mission Networking Intimacy in Worship River Flowing Experience in the Presence of God Vision for the Nations And much more...

Releasing God's Flame of Fire To The Nations

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