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Shiphrah Ministries

P. O. Box 824, Blake Dairy Road • Belton, SC 29627 • United States • 864-338-4673/see/charmin/CM01456

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Home for Girls in Trouble

Founded in 1989, Shriphrah is a working farm. Girls have come here or been placed here by social service agencies from the southeastern states for up to two years for an intense work/study/counselling program. Some of the girls are pregnant. Many of the girls come from street life. We believe, like Shiphrah (one of the Hebrew midwives who served God and defied the Egyptian authorities), that God longs for these little ones to have a chance to grow up and serve Him. Residents live in one of two houses which accomodate up to 13 girls each. They have home and health responsibilities, educational responsibilities, garden and animal responsibilities, personal and spiritual growth responsibilities.

The ministry produces much of its own food. It is a goat dairy farm; one of the girls is competing at the national level in the 4-H dairy competition this summer and a second girl placed third in the state competition. Several girls have received their GED and gone to college or tech. school. Some who are pregnant relinquish their infants for adoption by Christian families of their choice. Others are taught the skills they need to parent their child. Family counselling is a significant part of the Shiphrah commitment. Worship is also integral to life on this farm.

Our Needs

The greatest need we have , in addition to your prayers, is for committed Christian houseparents, counselors, teachers, and workers. This is truely a mission field. The need is great, the work is unending, the response to Christ is gratifying, and there aren't enough of us to do what needs to be done. We have a vision of saving young lives for Christ's work, to salt the world. Pray for us. Call us. Come see us. Send committed Christian workers our way.

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