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Thevenet Montessori School

202 County Route 105, Box 1003, • Highland Mills, NY 10930 • United States • 914-928-6981/see/charmin/CM01331

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Thevenet Montessori School integrates the Montessori curriculum with the distinctive educational philosophy of its founders, The Religious of Jesus and Mary. The abiding hallmark of the Thevenet tradition is a particular concern for each child as a unique person of transcendent worth. This respect for the depths of the human being necessarily involves repect for nature and the earth, a reverence for all life.

We see ourselves as facilitators to aid in the development of the special gifts and talents of each child, by means of individualization and self-directed learnining. We see this as a realizable ideal because we believe with Maria Montessori that children contain within them remarkable powers of imagination, creativity and self-direction.

The Montessori curriculum is linked to the preparation of the environment. The child, who helps care for the environment, is encouraged to explore and learn by undertaking activities which interest him/her. Such exploration is not limited to the classroom, but includes the home and outdoors. Emphasis is given to the development of personal skills and social sensitivities, the development of coordination, the ability to concentrate and the perseverance to complete tasks. Such development can occur only in an atmosphere which respects the child and gives precedence to nurturing self-esteem and encouraging self-discipline.

The classroom contains numerous learning areas within which each child is free to choose work and be given individual guidance and encouragement by the teacher as needed. The children learn to equate the term "work" and "play" and enjoy working individually, in small and in large groups.

Learning areas include: practical life, sensorial activities, language, math, art, manipulative material, such as blocks and puzzles, music, sciences, especially botany and zoology, geography and cultural studies. Emphasis is given to the development of motor skills and the importance of harmony of mind and body for early learning.

Some unique features include: complete supply of Montessori materials, a farm, composting, organic gardening, A.M. or P.M. sessions, Mr. Pete who greets the children and directs them to their classrooms each morning, a "new" building (9 years old) built especially for the Thevenet Montessori School, the teaching of French (in one learning environment).

Thevenet Montessori was granted an Absolute Charter by the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York in 1985.

"A fertile imagination is the child's way of learning. S/he learns everything without knowing s/he is learning it, and in doing so s/he passes little by little from the unconscious to the conscious, treading always in the paths of joy and love." Maria Montessori


Thevenet Montessori enrolls children from Preschool to Grade 1, inclusively.

Acceptance requirements:
Preschool children must be at least 2 years nine months.

Preschool schedule:
9:00 to 11:30 A.M. Monday through Friday
12:00 to 2:30 P.M. Monday through Friday

Kindergarten and First Grade schedule:
9:00 to 2:30 P.M. Monday through Friday

Tuition for the year 1998-99:
$2,600 for half-day students;
$3,400 for full-day students
payable in quarterly installments of $650 or $850, beginning with August 15 (November 15, February 15, May 14).
A non-refundable Applications fee of $35.00 and a $100 tuition advance are required for all new students, payable upon notification of acceptance into the program.

School bus transportation is available from most school districts in the area but only for Kindergarten and First Grade students.

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