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Garland County Jail Ministries, Inc.

Post Office Box 725, • Hot Springs, AR 71902 • United States • 501-321-1899/see/charmin/CM01323

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Faith supported full time jail chaplaincy.

We provide an on-site chaplain, Bible correspondence lessons, one-on-one counseling, worship services, etc. to a medium sized jail with a daily population of 160 to 180. Over 7,000 prisoners are booked through the jail per year. For the past serveral months 50% of the jail population has been attending seven or more worship services per Sunday. This ministry currently provides chaplaincy service to one jail.

The chaplain has over 20 years of jail chaplaincy experience. We train volunteers to be involved in jail, prison, institutional ministry. We hold annual training sessions for equipping volunteers to work with inmates, inmate families, and releasees. We cover such topics as the criminal justice system, the penal system, how to create "willingness," the fundamentals of ministering in institutions, the fundamentals of ministering to families of offenders, and aftercare through churches. Please phone (501-321-1899), fax (501-321-9025), or e-mail "" for additional information.

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