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Music Camp

Del antiguo Banco Anglo, 100 mts. norte, San Pedro • Montes de Oca, San Jos Apdo. 12315-1000 • Costa Rica • (506)292-1459/see/charmin/CM01272

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A vision

The Annual Music Camp is developed by God's grace and the work of many musicians in Costa Rica. For almost 15 years, a group of willing people have been involving young musicians in music ministry through music camps that encourage them to be able to use their talents for the glory of our Lord. The next Music Camp is going to take place in January 7 to 11, in Costa Rica. Many musicicans are longing to have the opportunity to experience this blessing of gathering with many others with the same calling. Would you like to be a partner in prayer and support for these musicians? This ministry is self supported in a big percent. The Costa Rica Baptist Mision is supporting part of the expenses, but since a young ministry called Musica y Misiones took the challenge this year, finnancial support is needed. If you are called to help latin ministries like the Music Camp finnancially, in prayer, or in some other ways, please read what follows.

How can I help the Music Camp Ministry?

Many musician in Costa Rica and Central America know about the Music Camp every year, but they are not able to participate because of their finnancial restrictions. The organization of the Camp is not able to support all the people wanting to attend it because of the high costs per person that implies an activity like this. You can be a part of this ministry, helping a musician in Costa Rica or Central America to come and join us in this worshipful experience of four music days. This year the Camp got a debth of $500, wich half of it has been paid already. But there's still a quantity needed to be paid, plus the next year's camp in January the 7th. You can contact us by phone, e-mail, or fax. Or you can write us a letter and let us know you are interested in knowing more about our ministry and how you can contribute with it. Send us your opinions and questions to: or call us: (506)225-4885 Musica y Misiones office (9:00 am-5:00 pm) (506)292-1459 Reyner Azofeifa, Director (after 10:00 pm) or fax us (506)285-3920 We would be glad of answering your questions about our ministry, and sending information about our next Music Camp PRAYER REQUESTS FOR NEXT YEAR 1. People willing to give of their time and strenght for this ministry 2. Finnancial support 3. Teachers, qualified to share more than music knowledge. 4. People willing to attend the Camp. 5. Strenght for the comitee. God Bless you Reyner Azofeifa Director Musica y Misiones Ministry

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