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God Answers Prayer Ministries

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Power of Prayer

1- Begining- forty five minutes of prayer, thirty five min, ten min, of misic of mediation or devitional. ten min, of meditation or devotional, ten min, of music, and twent five min, of prayer, results. 10 min, of meditation, 5 min, of special music , what is happening her, we have less time for prayer, or talking to our HEavenly Father,. Is anything too hard for the Lord? Gen.18:14 God asked His people, "Is the Lord's arm too short? Num.11"23. an easy thing- 2Kin.3:18 The Prophet declares , JEr.32:17 An angel from heaven to Mary, Lk.1:37 ' Jesus' who knows- Mt19:26 - JOshua- Sun stood still- Daniel- Lion have anorrexia- Jonah- swallow it whole, but don't hurt him. Prayer can change God's decision and change circumstances; I know, it change my whole life, burned over 75% of my body, yet I am alive, and doing the work, at 68 years old, keep onn praying in the Spirit, He will work it out for your good.

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