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DAILY CONTENTMENT has been written by a pastor/counselor who searched the Scripture to see what God has to say about hurting people. A verse or verses of Scripture is provided along with comments based on that verse and related to spiritual and emotional growth. The devotionals close with a prayer. The Daily Contentment devotionals can be used for a daily lift or as a part of a serious self improvement program. They are brief and to the point.

A devotional for the following day is put in your email box each evening. Daily Contentment Devotionals are free. You can start the day with a devotional and meditation period.

If you want to be on the Daily Contentment Mailing List you may subscribe by sending an email to the following address, LISTSERV@LISTSERV.INDIANA.EDU. Put anything you want on the "Subject" line. In the "Message" area put only the following: SUBSCRIBE DEVOTIONALS-L (Given Name) (Last Name). My subscription would look like this: SUBSCRIBE DEVOTIONALS-L Howard Ford. Instruction for operation and how to unsubscribe will be sent to you. If you have a problem, email Howard Ford at

You will also receive information about the Prayer, Praise and Discussion List.

May you be in a place where God's full blessings are yours.
Howard Ford, author

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