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Effafa International Ministries

31 Avotu St., • Riga, Latvia LV 1009 • Latvia • 3712 272159/see/charmin/CM00684

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History & prayer request

The name EFFAFA is the Russian pronunciation of ephaphata, used in Mark 7:34. It means, be opened. This name was chosen for a ministry begun by Russian-speaking men to minister to Slavic people in the US, in Latvia, in Russia, and wherever they may be found. It began with the Kulakevich family, who emigrated from the Soviet Union to Jacksonville, Florida, USA. For several years God spoke to Paul's heart about a ministry which would strengthen the Body of Christ and reach Slavic people in the US as well as in the republics of the Soviet Union. In January, 1992, the Effafa Bible School began in Seattle, Washington. The Latvian department of Effafa was registered September 22,1992. An office was opened in Riga, Latvia. It ministers to churches throughout that country, and handles about 9 tons of humanitarian aid (primarily from Sweden) each month. Nikolai Latishevich is president of our work in Latvia. He also pastors a church in Riga. Peter Kulakevich attended Bible school in Jacksonville for two years, then returned to the former Soviet Union to minister to his own people. Peter went to Vologda, Russia (northeast of Moscow), and began a church in that unreached city on May 23, 1993. Some towns in these areas date back as far as 900 AD, most having had no evangelical witness over the centuries. Our churches are strong and growing. There are now about eight churches in the region, and two Bible schools ( combined, they have about 150 students). In the Fall of 1996, Bible School in Riga started with about 25 student, which successfully graduate. Serving in Leadership Paul Kulakevich - Founder and Executive Director Peter Kulakevich - Field Director of Effafa International Nikolai Latishevich - President of Effafa - Latvia Alexander Rodionov - Effafa Latvia Administrator Vladimir Motsjo - President of Effafa - Russia Effafa Ministry is 5 years old. In November. 1996. Effafa had 22, most of them, full time missionaries who were called from different republics of the former Soviet Union to labor on the ministry missions fields. The majority of ministry staff are young families. Also, Effafa unites ministers of different countries for the fulfillment of the great Comission ( Mark 16: 15).


Bible says: "I have heard your prayer and have chosen this place for Myself as a Temple for sacrifices. I have chosen and consecrated this Temple so that my name may be there forever. My eyes and My heart will always be there. " 2 Ch.. 7-12,16 Dear Friends and Partners We are glad to greet you again in the name of Jesus Christ. Today people all around the world are talking about revival. In the churches prayer bulletins, prayer requests for revival is a top priority! It has become quite popular to talk about revival and to hold conferences and so on. We live in very special time, the time when God is pouring the latter rain on the earth. Just recently I thought about Moses, who stood before the Mighty God, talking with Him face to face. Moses said : "if you are not going with us, do not send us, because how can the other know that you are pleased with us, if they will not see you presence with us". From this it is very clear the church of God is supposed to radiate the presence of God. His glory, His love, peace and so on and all these things come a from strong, sensitive relationship with the Lord. Revival starts with the church, and than spreads out into the country. Tremendous things have happened in our church: Services in the church are filled with the presence of God. God is doing so much in the hearts and spirit of people. His healing, His blessings are real. Healing anointing is so strong and powerful that recently we were witnesses of a great miracle when a deaf-mute couple began to speak and hear after prayer. People who were under witchcraft's influence for many years, who were robbed by the devil, came up to the platform, to be delivered. God is a good God. After prayer where they disown and confessed their sin, God's peace have filled them up, and the tears of affection flowed from their eyes. People who left God many years ago, are now coming back to the church. Our weekly leaders meeting has become a wonderful place to teach leaders the Word of God, to equip them and encourage them for further ministry in the church. These people are very important for us God has given us a vision this year to have 50 cell groups in the church. After a long time of preparation and rehearsals, a new worship team began to minister at our church services, and in evangelistic crusades in our branch churches. The young people our church are doing a lot of crusades meetings of Riga. The leaders of this project has reported: people are very open for the Gospel right now. It is like five - six years ago, when the doors of liberty just opened. People are hungry and thirsty for God. A women's ministry was started by our pastor's wife. The main goal of this ministry is to unite women in the church, and to help them find their place in the church ministry. Our youth ministry is doing very well. Many young people are coming to the church. Sunday night youth meetings are great! It is so good to be in the presence of God! My heart is filled with joy when I see as young people seriously worshipping God. We are doing our best to keep these people in the church. We understand that youth ministry is a dynamic part of the church. Several years ago, God put a strong desire in my heart to have a Bible School in our local church. This dream became a reality in the Fall of 1996 when the first Bible School semester started with 16 students. Now we are working to develop this project further. This September we planing to have 50 students. The class room will accommodate about 70 - 90 people, plus there will be a prayer room and kitchen. We need good, spiritually equipped leaders and we will do everything to prepare people to be minister to the Body of Christ. In the first part of July we are going to have a children camp. The main purpose of the camp is to unite children from different places and to present them Jesus. Our big prayer request right now is to buy a building for the church. It is the former movie theater which we are renting right now. It is an excellent location right in the center of town. It has seating for 650 people (but we want to remodel it for 1,200 seats). Plus, it has apartments for an office, a big yard and garage. The price for everything, including the land, is $160,000. This is a very good price for Riga. For many years we have prayed for a place of our own a place to teach God's Word and to worship Him. Be praying for us. Pray that so God will give us a right way and ideas to purchase this building. As you can see the Lord is doing much in Latvia ! We appreciate your great deposit into this work and we know that without you we couldn't have done all of this. Sincerely Yours Partner and Friend Nikolai Latishevich

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