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Evangelical Bible Institute is an undergraduate and graduate school that exists to prepare men and women,who can speak (Mandarin) and write Chinese, for selected Christian ministry vocations. It specializes in training pastors, missionaries and Christian education workers whose target field is among the Chinese speaking population. In addition to this primary objectives, Enagelical Bible Institute seeks:
1. To encourage the student to sustain a life of personal and ecclesiastical separation in conformity with biblical principles.
2. To help the student to gain a deep Christian sense of value for his spiritual life and to develop a well-rounded wholesome Christian personality through a greater knowledge of the inspired Word of God.
3. To provide the student with an intensive concentration in the Bible-centered cirriculums and to stimulate his interest in integrating all knowledge for effective Christian testimony.
4. To acquaint the student with the basic tools and techniques of research ordinarily associated with the field of Bible and theology; to teach him to engage in independent study; and to encourage him to interpret his findings within the framework of a biblical world-view contemporary life situations.
5. To challenge the student to practice those particular skills that are necessary in his chosen field of Christian service.

Founder & President: Rev.Dr.Moses Yang
Vice-President :Rev. Hugo K.Y. Chan
Secretary : Mrs. Erna S.P. Chan-Lee
Treasurers: Mr. Eric K.O. Lam & Ms. Lisa S.P. Poon
Admission Dean: Mrs. Erna S.P. Chan-Lee
Students Welfare Mentor: Mrs. Wai-Yin Yuen-Liu
Lecturers: Dr.Rev.Moses Yang, Dr.Paul Tan, Dr.Peter Au, Prof.Dr. Denny Y. Ma, Rev. Hugo K.Y.Chan, Rev. Stephen Hosea, Mrs. Erna Chan-Lee, Ev. Lennie Chen, Ev.Yueh-Yun Li


Diploma in Basic Bible Courses
Diploma in Pastoral Counselling
M.A. in Biblibcal Studies
M.A. in Christian Education
Master of Divinity

Applicants must be born-again Christians of sound character, clear about God's call to full-time ministry, and willing to offer themselves to serve God.
High school, college or seminary graduates are eligible to apply. Completed applications must be forwarded to the school administration for review. Transfer students may also apply.
Information is available on request, please write to :

Evangelical Mission & Seminary International EBI
36, Alpine Road, Towaco
New Jersey 07082, U.S.A.

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