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Pray Arlington, Inc.

2011 S. Fielder Rd., 6003 Pinwood Cir • Arlington, TX 76013 • United States • 817/419-7263 (Fax)/see/charmin/CM00599

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Pray Arlington is a servant ministry to the pastors and congregations of the Church in Arlington, Texas. It began in May 1996 as a local affiliate of Harvest Evangelism and Pray Texas. The ministry is directed by Tim Tremaine, an Arlington resident and police officer for twelve years. Tim serves as the prayer ministry director at the Fielder Road Baptist Church in Arlington and speaks around the area on prayer evangelism.

The goal of Pray Arlington is to assist the pastors and congregations of the Church in Arlington to develop and implement a city wide prayer strategy as a foundation for evangelism. VISION 3000 grew out of the Harvest Evangelism vision to launch a nation wide prayer initiative in May 1998 called Pray America "Light The Nation." VISION 3000 has been adopted by the pastors in Arlington Christian Ministries as the intercessory arm of the REACH ARLINGTON 2000 Strategy. Pray Arlington is also affiliated with H.O.P.E. (Houses of Prayer Everywhere). As of January 1, 1999 there are 650 Lighthouses of Prayer registered from 33 churches and ministries in Arlington.

Prayer Evangelism

What is "Prayer Evangelism?"

Prayer evangelism is very simply, "talking to God about your neighbors before you talk to your neighbors about God." It is the implementation of I Timothy 2:1-8 where we are exhorted to pray for everyone in a region because God wishes all men to be saved, because Jesus Christ gave Himself in ransom for all, and because God wants us to pray everywhere lifting up holy hands without wrath or dissension. Prayer evangelism is not a program, but a process that reflects a lifestyle in which the Church of the city is mobilized through prayer to be the spiritual gatekeepers in the heavenly places over the city. It establishes the kingdom of God in the city and thereby facilitates an atmosphere of godliness where the lost have the opportunity to be saved, and where the unsaved become aware of God's existence and power and begin to fear Him. Prayer evangelism is reaching every person and bringing every household in touch with the power and love of God through prayer. It is the whole church reaching the whole city with the whole gospel! (Acts 1:8; 2:42; 5:28; 19:10; John 14:12-14)


VISION 3000 is an intercessory prayer strategy for Arlington to cover everyone in the city with prayer for evangelism. In association with Arlington Christian Ministries, Pray Arlington will seek to enlist 100 city ministers to mobilize 30 intercessors each who will pray for 100 people each (based on 25 households each and a projected population of 300,000 by the year 2000). Our goal is to have 3000 "Lighthouses of Prayer" in place, praying for the specific needs of the lost according to the principles of Prayer Evangelism.

What is a "Lighthouse of Prayer?"

A "Lighthouse of Prayer" a simply any person, couple or household that will commit to pray for the needs of their neighbors on a regular basis. The focus of the prayers is towards the felt needs of those prayed for to create an environment of blessings in their lives. Through God's answers to prayer, those prayed for are confronted with the reality of God's love and power. The glory of the Lord is revealed in their lives creating an openness to the message of the gospel. We encourage our Lighthouse volunteers to use the H.O.P.E. "Five Blessings" prayer plan to begin praying for their neighbors. They begin praying for 5 neighbors, 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for 5 weeks to be blessed in 5 important areas: Body, Labor, Emotional, Social, Spiritual. Then they expand their list until they have covered 25 households around them.

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