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Galilee Mission Ministries

Seagrape Shopping Centre, P.O. Box EE 16-507 • Nassau, Bahamas, Nassau, Bahamas P.O. Box EE 16-534 • Bahamas • (242)364-6763/see/charmin/CM00517

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Galilee College; Education for All

Galilee College provides education at all academic, business and computer levels for all. Through participating colleges and universities, students may study for a variety of programs. For Direct Individual Study programs, please call the college at Tel. (242)364-6763 or write us at "Seagrape Shopping Centre, P.O. Box EE-524, Nassau, Bahamas. Our Mission: We are a Mission that brings together a network of Christian Fellowship and Service for the Spiritual, Social and Economic Welfare of mankind. Employment: At Galilee Mission Ministries, our focus is to assist those who are unemployed, by placing them in suitable positions or creating a job situation for those requesting our help. In any event, Galilee will offer the best help available.

Communications: The Christian Envoy

The Christian Envoy is our magazine that is published monthly. We include Christian news and news of faith, mission, Christian sports and Bible Commentaries. Galilee Publishing House is a publishing service organization. We publish books that are written by our members and the public at large. We do not have a printing press, all printing is done by printers in the U.S. We are actively in search of inexpensive printers. For those in the Publishing Business, we have written a number of books that are reading for printing. For additional information on our services, please contact Pastor Willis L. Johnson

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