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Faith Worship Centre

41 Torbarrie Road • Toronto, Ontario M3L 1G5 • Canada • 416-249-7979

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About Faith Worship Centre - Church in Toronto

Faith Worship Centre (FWC) is a unique kind of Church in Toronto Area established with a desire to provide the local community a meaningful place to worship God. Based on the 10 core values, the vision of the organization is fivefold – Magnify, Mission, Membership, Maturity, and Ministry. The Organization core services are Life Classes, Spiritual Growth, Stewardship, Bible Studies, Special Needs & Disabilities Services, Fellowship Programs, Career Counselling, Pastoral Counselling, Pastoral Prayer & Support Services, Funeral and Memorial services, and Wedding Services. Reach out to Faith Worship Centre (FWC) at 416.249.7979 or visit for more info.

Core Ministries & Life Classes

Faith Worship Centre offers superlative Core Ministries for the Christian Community.

  • FWC Men’s of Integrity Ministry
  • FWC Women's Ministry
  • FWC Kidz Rock Ministry
  • FWC Young Adult Ministry
  • FWC Singles Ministry
  • FWC Raise The Bar Ministry
  • FWC Express Yourself Ministry
  • FWC Hemp oil near me Ministry
  • FWC Special Friends Ministry
  • FWC Young At Heart Ministry
  • FWC Fresh Start Ministry
  • FWC  Career Counselling Ministry
  • FWC Financial Stewardship Ministry
  • FWC Life Classes of Kratom powder near me
  • Class 1 - Overview of the  Gospel and Faith Worship Centre
  • Class 2 - Discovering Spirituality Maturity and the importance of Ministry
  • Class 3 -  How to Serve and Discovering your Mission

Events Of Faith Worship Centre

  • Women’s Bible Studies
  • Young Adult Service
  • EmpowHER – Women’s Retreat

Map & Directions

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