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Whole Person Counseling

342 South Chadbourne • San Angelo, Texs 76903 • United States • 3256519516

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Whole Person Counseling

Whole Person Counseling is true counseling that is treatment for the whole person (spirit, soul, & body).  Basil Frasure, Ph.D., does individual, marriage, and family counseling.  Whole Person Counseling is often effective even when other types of counseling have failed.  Basil Frasure counsels in the areas of social relations, mental and emotional health, physical health, spiritual life, and financial freedom.


Basil Frasure, PhD

  Basil Frasure is an Ordained Minister and Counselor. He currently serves as a Pastoral Counselor with Whole Person Counseling of San Angelo, Texas.   Whole Person Counseling is under the covering of Freedom Fellowship Church.  He has a Master of Divinity Degree and a Ph.D. Degree in Christian Counseling. He is a faithful minister, an effective counselor, and an able teacher of the Word of God.

    He has authored How To Destroy The Evil Tree,  a popular and an informative book on overcoming generational curses. He has also authored Bringing Every Thought Captive, Vol. 1, an informative manual on Whole Person Counseling and also a great self-help book. He also has designed and taught competent counseling courses.  In addition, he has a free 12 week Foundational Bible Study Course online.

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