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Our Vision:
To restore a true sense of Omni dimensional worship and release seasons of refreshment to the nations through music and worship.

Our Mission.
To help people experience God by creating an environment conducive for them to interact with God.

Our Immediate Objectives:
* Evangelization- Sharing the saving grace of Jesus Christ. We believe in advancing the kingdom of God in the earth.
* Discipleship- Nurturing to Christ-like maturity and grounding in faith while uplifting the moral values, develop character and personality.
* Mentorship- To identify, raise and support young talents.

Development Objectives:
In order to develop people and the society, we believe in inspiring vision and purpose and create patterns and approaches through strategic operations that will impact human, social and national transformation. In this respect, The Alabaster endeavors to:
* Provide a truthful and comprehensive account of current ideas, events and challenges facing Christians today
* Provide forums to expose the Christian community on current issues affecting our generation
* Provide a well researched Biblical interpretation of current national and international events and how these relate and impact their lives.
* Provide a network of relationships to link all groups of people through forums, get affiliated to praise and worship groups or persons allover the world.
* Change the myopic view which many Christians hold concerning the ministry of the gospel through accurate representation of the Kingdom of God.
* To promote, sponsor and run charitable organizations including Homes for the aged, orphanage, sponsor student education especially the girl child in the African setup
* Provide opportunity for ideas that will market Christian music, services, products and other potentials packaged in the believer.
* Hostels, children homes, homes for the aged, feeding programs and relief centres.
* HIV/AIDS advocacy and information
* Campaign against drug abuse
* Environmental conservation/ cleanups
* Conduct career/ guiding programs
* Voluntary services
* To enhance talents e.g. drama, sports, comedy, etc.


Target Groups.
* The local Christian community
* The unreached groups
* The youth and professionals
* Musicians and worship leaders.

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