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Dive care for the orphans and the needy is a hand of love under the Apostolic and Prophetic Finish Ministry fully registered as a community based organisation driven by a purpose to support vulnerable children, the needy, to share and enjoy opportunities in life predestined for them in Gods' plan and enable them to exploit their potential i.e.; Their gifts and talents by providing school fees, basic needs, medical services, moral values through God's word and parental love.


It was initiated by a group of 4 church volunteers namely; Ps. David and Agnes, Deacon James and Monica who shared the idea about vulnerability in the church and the entire external community in 2004 on a smaller scale and with a highly limited capacity. However this is how it was birthed as a combined force to redeem the destitute children and needy in our community.


Due to financial constraints, the Organisation has been able to enroll Orphans and needy children and widows from Bulamagi Sub-county, Nakalama Sub-County and Ignga Town Council composed of boys and girls and we also support children in their home based extended family in collaboration with their parents / Guardians.


For the period we have lived in this area now 9 years so far we have observed and heard of children denied of enjoying their human rights, cases of children abuses have been reported to Local Authorities, Probation Offices and Police .
The Children have been defiled in families, schools and in the community.
The girls have been forced to get married at an early stage and this results into abortion, death during child birth and frustrations due to unplanned marriage.
Children have been denied access to Education and basic needs and consequently result to street life, prostitution. robbery, drug abuse, etc this has unmeritably produced notorious, immoral citizens and unfulfilled Christian morals in our community.
However, most of the children are subject to these dilemmas and the destitute are unable to support and defend themselves and no one takes care making them prey to every circumstance in life.
The cultural factor where by polygamy is common in most families in this area that has led to production of excess unplanned children that cannot be satisfied and sustained by the family economic status. So we feel a passion not to maintain the status quo but to be involved in the struggle to rescue the disadvantaged children not in isolation but in partnership with other organisations, donors, churches, and government and all well-wishers.


The following are some of the orphans that we are trying to help. They have been able to come into our hands through attending church since they very well know that a church is a place of refugee while others are brought to us by good Samaritans. The story behind their being Orphans is attributed to the death of their parents because of HIV/AIDS and others were abandoned by their mothers (mostly young girls who become pregnant) as babies whereby they can't trace the whereabouts of their mothers or fathers.

We have a task of feeding them, educating them and also clothing them. We are seeking for Organisations and individuals who feel the urge to stand with us to see these little ones through. We have more other Orphans in our Care both boys and girls who are in great need. You can be a blessing to us today by sending financial support or material support. We have not listed the rest of these kids on the website due to space. Remember that a gift of any amount will be very much honoured. God bless you. We can only receive money through WESTERN UNION or International Money Order, Plus dropping it into our Ministry Bank Account Number which we can send you on request.

He had his parents but they were in a very poor condition so his father disappeared from his mother leaving the wife behind who always waited for him in vain. Eventually the mum got tired of waiting on the husband as she was unable to support herself and the child not mentioning renting the room where they were staying. Therefore his mother decided to go to somebody and told them to look after her child on her behalf as she goes to settle some issues but she never came back too leaving the boy then a baby to that good Samaritan. The Good Samaritan told us about the story for the kid as a church because he himself didn't have money to look after the child. So as a church we came in and struggled to support him since babyhood up to now, educating, feeding and clothing him but because of the many commitments we feel that the load is too much and we need someone else to stand with us. The boy is now in Primary One but no one knows the whereabouts of the parents, the tribe of the boy and he had no name at the time we picked him up but we choose to give him the above names.


She never saw her father as he died when her mother was still expecting. So at the time of her birth, she lived with her mum a few months and she also passed away due to HIV/AIDS. So she was there helpless and her maternal auntie who was left behind was also in a bad state not affording to care for the child. Until when the girl was brought to the church where she is being helped to now. She is currently in Primary 2, we need support inform of clothing, books, feeding to continue helping her.

She lost her father when her mother was pregnant for her. So when her mother was giving birth, she died in labor. She is very desperate that she never saw her parents. So her uncle who took her to look after her failed because of low income since he also had his own family. So the uncle brought her to us to care for her. We since then took her in our care, as a baby gave her some of the basic needs unfortunately there after, her uncle also passed away several months ago. So we need your help.


Ivan lost his father when a baby, the mother is alive but also helpless. She also sickly making her not to work and uphold a home. So we decided to take up the child and give him the support we could afford at that time. He is now enrolled in our school in Primary one. He hopes to become a doctor when he grows up. So we solicit for support from you. God bless you.

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