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Final Hours Ministries International

6001 Ky. Rt. 1100, • East Point, KY 41216 • United States • (606) 886-3393/see/charmin/CM10085

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Who We Are

This is a family ministry, presently comprised of Gordy and Julie Rider.

Gordy Rider was born in Oakland, CA in February 1938. Julie (Gray) Rider was born in Paintsville, KY in July 1955. We met in a local church in Prestonsburg, KY, and the Lord put us together during the spring and summer of 1984. We were married on 15 December 1984, and the children began arriving in May 1986. Five girls and two boys were born to us, in that order, with the second boy coming in February 1998.

In July 1986, the Lord spoke dramatically and explosively within my spirit, saying, "As Noah preached righteousness till the Flood, so shall you preach righteousness till the Rapture."

In November 1993, the Lord issued His call for us to be "Watchmen on the Wall" to America. This call even came with a song. By this time, we had five children.

In December 2000, just two weeks before the New Year, the Lord again brought forth a powerful calling, complete with another song. This was His call for us to "Take the Power of Pentecost to the Nations."

Over the years, we have functioned in the first two callings without benefit of a local church body. The Lord kept us out of the "assemblies of mockers" (see Jeremiah 15:16-17), establishing us here at home to train up these children in the Way they should go, which is the Way of holiness.

We did not rush off to start a church at the first calling. We still have not done so, for there has been no leading in this direction. As this is written (Sept. 2009), we are waiting on the Lord to move us to our final outpost before the Rapture. He is coming SOON! Hallelujah!

The Lord spoke in December 2008 and said that the year 2009 is to be the "Year of Destiny" for His Church. Since then, He has been busy in His vine, preparing His people for His return. SELAH!

How We Serve the Lord

While we do not function in a typical church setting, the Lord has given us many assignments to carry out before His return. At present, we serve ministers, local churches, and Bible schools in a few African and Asian nations, primarily among the poor. We do this by writing and sending teachings, special reports, and Words from the Lord. Julie flows in the prophetic, and the Lord uses her to encourage and strengthen His people at home and abroad.

Our children have written many volumes of "Bread For The Children," which we send overseas on a regular basis. These teachings have been taken into some schools. All of our children have been born-again, water-baptized, and filled with the Holy Ghost.

At this time, we are seeking to expand our outreaches into new nations. We also want to enlarge our tents through recorded messages, the Internet, and perhaps by broadcasting.

This ministry has been founded upon this Word: Matthew 10:7-8. This ministry is not an oversight ministry, but rather one of service. The time is short and the needs are great. Please pray for us, that the Lord will accomplish all He desires through us, that we may be found faithful at His coming. These are the days of Noah, the days of the final harvest, so let us all be about our Father's business. God bless you. Amen.

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