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Welcome to Goshen Children's Home

The name Goshen was derived from (Gen 45:10-11) a place where the children of Israel were saved from famine which hit their country Cannan. This is a place where they got hope of life. Therefore, Goshen children's home offers hope for life for the children.
Is a non-sectarian, non-denominational not for profit child care, Non Governmental Organization (NGO) catering for the holistic welfare of HIV/AIDS orphans, vulnerable,destitute children, disadvantaged youth, regardless of gender, creed, race, clothe, give medical care, spiritual teachings and send to school orphans, homeless and destitute children aged 2-17 and disadvantaged youth 18-24 years, both boys and girls.

In addition to that we seek to provide care and support to widows, the elderly and persons staying with these children and can not be accommodated at the home due to limited resources.

Category of Children

In response to the biblical mandate to care for orphans, widows and other destitute persons (James 1:27) and in obedience to the Great Commission of Christ (Mathew 28:18-20). Goshen Children Home believes that God has called us with a mission to rescue orphans and other disadvantaged children resulting from AIDS and other unfortunate circumstances.

We care for the following category children until they are old enough to care for themselves:

Total Orphan- both parents are believed to be dead
Single - Orphan - one parent is believed to be dead and one parent still alive
Abandoned - children from homes where both parents have permanently abandoned the family, forsaken the children and / or dumped them on the streets, in dustbins, or in the bush
Destitute - children from extremely poor families where either father, mother both parents or guardian are still living but are not able to support the children due to sickness, disability, inadequate and / or no income
Handcapped - children with physical, mental, academic limitations or emotional disorders
Educationally Deprived - children from economically poor families who or will not have the advantage of acquiring formal or informal education
Terminal ill - children who may suffer from incurable diseases
Street Children - children who have been abandoned by parents with none to care, support them and are living in the open cold on the streets.

Goshen Children's home is located 62 miles north of Kampala city at a place called Nakyesa Kayonza in Kayunga District.

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