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Good Samaritan Charitable Trust .

A / 8,Kuldeep Appt. b/h,Dhiraj Housing,, Maninagar(East) • Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380008 • India • 91 ( 079 ) 25856765/see/charmin/CM09622

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* To help the helpless,poor,orphans and economically and socially backwards. * To help the people who are affected by natural calamities by providing them foods,clothes,medicines and household things. * To provide all the necessary thing to lift up supportless and unsheltered. * To start an orphanage for the orphans and poor children. * To open a Book-Bank for the poor and orphan students. * To provide Fees,Books,Note-books,Uniforms and Stationary to the students who are poor and orphans. * To help old age people and widows. * To start old age home. * To distribute grain,clothes,medicines and household things to those who are living under poverty line.


* Good Samaritan Charitable Trust is registered under Reg.No.E/15701/Ahmedabad,Dtd: 24,October,2002. * Trustees of this trust are christian believers. * Good Samaritan Charitable Trust is registered in Income Tax under section 12A and under section 80 G(5) of Income Tax Act 1961. * Donation given to Good Samaritan Charitable Trust will be exempted under Section 80 G(5) OF Income Tax Act of 1961. * If you want to give your cotribution to fulfil the above mentioned aims of this Trust,you can send your cheque or Draft in favour of Good Samaritan Charitable Trust to the above mentioned address. HE THAT HATH PITY UPON THE POOR LENDETH THE LORD.- HOLY BIBLE.

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