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Lewis Street Study Group

Lewis Street Commons, 41 Lewis Street • Geneva, NY 14456 • United States • (315) 789-8069/see/charmin/CM09284

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Education with Life-Saving Impact

The Lewis Street Study Group is a venture dedicated to exploring the precarious times we live in from a philosophical point of view using the interpretive lens of the Bible. The Group offers an ongoing,innovative series of discussion-based classes to stimulate an interest in both personal and global issues as interpreted through a biblical worldview. Whether you have never read the Bible or read it daily, we hope that you�ll find one of ourclasses of interest and consider joining us on this new, life-changing adventure.

Catlogue of Courses

An Introduction to Biblical Prophecy
The Rise and Fall of Civilizations
The Coming of the Messiah
Counterpoint: A Biblical View of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
The Coming �Fourth Reich�: The Islamification of the Middle East & Europe
The Coming Attack of Israel by the Russian-Arab Confederacy
The Jewish Roots of Christianity
The Feast of Passover: God�s Object Lesson
Jewish Wedding Practice & the Coming of the Messiah

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