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Prophetic End Time Harvest Ministries

915 Brookrun Drive, • Charlotte, NC 28209 • United States • 704-561-0711

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God is Looking for Laborers

The heart of the Father wants us to lay down our ajenda and be broken before Him. He is seeking a Church, who will purify herself from sin and everything that will defile. He is calling us to prayer and true intimacy...The Bridegroom is wooing her back to the center of His will. Is He speaking to you? Won't you come be apart of this end time harvest?

You Just Might Be a Prophet!

Why don�t I seem to fit in? Why is it that I seem different than others in church? Why do people�s eyes seem to glaze over when I share a revelation that the Lord has given me? I get so angry when I see sin in the world. I get so burdened when God reveals to me what is going on in the body. It would be better off if I didn�t know what was going on. Why do I always see these things? I minister words of prophecy and encouragement to others, yet often I can�t get a word for myself. I am sometimes discouraged and depressed. I love God and serve Him with my whole heart. I pray and I cry, I cry and I pray. People think I�m weird. What is wrong with me? You may feel enigmatic and people may not understand you, but be encouraged my brother, my sister. You�re not weird; you just might be a Prophet! (Read the rest at)

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