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childrens vision -uganda

p.obox 12578 kampala uganda East africa, • kampala, makindye 256 • Uganda • 25677472694/see/charmin/CM07796

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back ground/who we are

Due to lack of the word of God to the children , extreme poverty, aids pedamic,political instabilities ,many children are left helpless needig support,children's vision-ugada,registered charity no.s5914/4335.came up to rescue the sufferig vulnerable children,by preachig to them the word of God ,salvation in jesus christ,and the same time providig them with the physical eeds,eg food clothigs ,medical care ,educatio vocatioal ad other skills traiig ad at the momet we have 6000 childre i ugada ,who eed our rescue,i.e orphas, disabled, street childre,child headed families,aids victimised.

objectives/what we do

our objectives, -spreadig the word of God to the youg generation,through bible studies ie Good news of salvation . -providig relief supplies to the vulnerable children. -promote health programmes for the children ,through sensitisation work shops(imuisatio ,dewormig,good utritio ) our motto is miisterig love to a hurtig world james 1:27

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